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Saffrosun Review

"I started taking Saffrosun 8 months ago and feel like a different person." 

Eleanor Pool, Dip Hyp CS, Ad Dip PsyC 

I lead a very busy life with demands on my time and emotional energy and as I approach 50 was beginning to feel physically and mentally exhausted. I have never been susceptible to mood swings or PMT but suddenly found myself increasingly irritable and snappy. In all honesty I was experiencing bouts of rage (a new experience) over matters that simply didn't warrant the level of anger I felt.  

Saffron Health Benefits

I was also experiencing forgetfulness and brain fog which didn't make any sense to me and only served to increase irritability. I had tried a brief spell of HRT prescribed by the GP but the side effects of bloating and weight gain far outweighed the short lived benefits which only lasted a few weeks before the erratic emotional responses returned. 

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Furthermore taking medication to deal with a natural process didn't sit right with me. I started taking saffron after a friend suggested it. For 6 weeks I took it alongside my HRT tablets before dropping them completely and relying solely on the Saffrosun. 

"I experienced an almost immediate sense of stability in my thinking."

 The brain fog lifted and the irritability vanished. My emotional capacity to deal the demands of my life felt invigorated. Within 3 weeks of stopping the HRT my weight dropped by 12lb and remained fairly stable ever since.  

I am so happy to be able to journey through this hormonal process supported by a wholly natural product. 

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 Saffrosun is The Naked Pharmacy's high strength, safe and effective saffron supplement for natural mood rebalancing and helping to maintain normal psychological function.